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Police & Fire Chaplain Services

Bound Together Book Club

Mom Haven Mom's Group


Life Coaching

Trauma Healing Life Coaching

Marriage & Couples Life Coaching

Family Life Coaching

22STOPnDROP Veterans Program

Thin Line Care (TLC) Program


Samantha Means Speaking

Authentic Living Bible Study

Online Coaches Corner

TRI Healing Workshops

Speaking Engagements

J. Rapha Consulting exists to bind up the brokenhearted and set free the captive by bringing them to Jesus Christ. We educate and empower the broken, using biblical principles and practical tools, to heal identity and establish authentic and connected relationships with God and others by bringing them to the Healer.


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We aim to establish a global community that lives lovingly and authentically from their identity in Christ and actively cultivates a Kingdom culture that willingly remains with the hurting, speaks grace and truth, and provides appropriate biblical principles and practical tools to equip others on their journey to health and wholeness while honoring the God-given differences and freedoms of every individual.

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