All Moira Jameson has left of her mother is what’s in the journals willed to her, and there are far more secrets to her mother’s past than Moira could have imagined. As she learns about the woman behind the veil of motherhood she finds her judgments of her mother have been, at best, unfounded.


Her secret has wounded generations, and in getting to the bottom of it Moira finds her faith and all she’s ever believed in to be challenged, and she has to ask herself if, in giving her the journals, her mother is asking for something in return beyond the grave.

"This book was SO good. I could not stop reading it, I had to find out more about Erin and her incredible childhood. It finishes with the perfect amount to have you satisfied but leaves you scrambling to get the next one!!!"

Moira is hiding one of the rarest diamonds in history and the man who lost it is on the hunt to get it back at any cost. As she tries to find the connection between the diamond and the journals her mother left her when she died, Moira discovers a pattern of secrets and lies that have wounded generations. In the midst of deceit, she also finds faith that surpasses hopeless circumstances.


In her pursuit for truth, a ripple effect takes place that brings a private investigator closure, freedom to an old man enslaved to years of bondage, and a second chance to another who lost everything he held dear. Will Moira use the truth she found to stop the cycle of deceit? Will she have enough faith to help her overcome her own loss?



"I gave this book all 5 stars. It keep me on the edge of my seat. I had to keep reading."



Little is left for Moira in Rockpoint. After losing her mother she must decide what she’s going to do with her life and the multi-million dollar diamond she keeps a secret. Meanwhile, Moira navigates her grandparent’s past through treasures and truth kept safe in a shoe box. Bits and pieces of her mother’s history continues to surface, providing some much needed closure. From the shores of Ireland in WWII to the rolling New England hills throughout the 1950s, Moira sees how some mistakes can have consequences that last for decades.


Determined to stop the cycle of deceit and compromise, she discovers a new path and finds it may take more faith and strength than she has to walk in it. As her relationship with Cale gets more complicated, the threat of losing her home and her job becomes more prominent, Moira begins to explore another relationship she never thought was possible. It may just pull her away from everything she’s ever known to receive more than she ever hoped for.