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Christian-Living for Real Life

Receive the encouragement and empowerment you need from someone who has walked the healing path before you and can point the way. Samantha provides practical tools, biblical principles, and utilizes here counseling and coaching history in her books to equip and educate those who have a desire to conquer their own strongholds by the power of Jesus Christ and receive healing.

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"This book isn't just a great read. It is Christ inspiring. Choose to be VICTORIOUS his words through out the book light the way."  - J.B

"Very well written and inspirational book! This book is a valuable tool for every Christian because we all fall victim to Satan's snares in life!! Highly recommend it!!" - R. Buck

It’s possible to live the victorious life in Christ no matter how severe your trauma or how devastating your losses. The promises in God’s Word are for you, for today, for right now. By taking a holistic look at our design, Victim to Victorious addresses the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual impact of trauma and how to practically walk in victory as a child of God. If you’re still breathing, God still has a plan for your life; and it’s for the abundant life.

Samantha Means takes the reader on her most personal journey yet: discovering what it means to be victorious in Christ regardless of your circumstances. Including practical steps, scriptures, scientific research and more, Victim to Victorious provides a foundation to begin living from victory, rather than toward it.

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Victim to Victorious: 70 Days of Victorious Living

A Devotional

Learning to live victoriously happens one choice at a time. This devotional will guide you through seventy days of step-by-step victorious living, regardless of your circumstances. With personal stories that will take you around the world, from poverty to wealth, trauma to blessed connection, Samantha Means will guide you in living from victory rather than toward victory.

One day at a time, one question, one application and Bible verse at a time, Samantha Means will assist you on your journey while sharing her own testimonies to bring you encouragement, inspiration and hope. You are not alone, and victory is here.

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BrushFires: Discover Your Divine Design 

This workbook will help followers of Jesus Christ discover, embrace, and pursue their personal God-given design, and thereby help build up the body of Christ. By completing this workbook, as well as taking the Y•M•I Assessments, you can expect the following:

1. Discover your God-given identity.

2. Make a compelling case for the necessity for you to pursue the Father's purpose for your life.

3. Gain awareness of the enemy's methods to cripple you from living the life the Father wants for you.

4. Clearly identify how your design can be in conflict with other people's designs. Learn how you can extend grace, coexist in harmony, and effectively work together.

5. Discovery your spiritual gifts to confirm your God-given personal Purpose Statement.

This workbook is a tool designed to be used with the online assessments and will lead you to your Design Discovery Meeting, which will enable you to create your personal Purpose Statement. Your Purpose Statement will act as your True North in guiding you as you make life choices and engage in relationships. 

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