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J. Rapha Consulting, LLC was established in 2021 as Samantha began receiving more requests to help the community learn how to love and connect with those who have experienced trauma. She built a trauma training program that equips the lay person with minimal counseling experience to connect with and help people who have experienced trauma from a place of Christ-centered love and practicality. 

Samantha has been in front of an audience speaking since 2006. In 2007 she joined the Marine Corps where she became a radio DJ in Okinawa, Japan. For three years she had an audience of more than 60,000 people as DJ Sam.I.Am and was voted best DJ in the Pacific in Stars and Stripes magazine in 2010.

Samantha has spoken to churches, ministries, small groups, Region 2 of the International Conference of Police Chaplains and more. 

Currently she is the trauma and healing department head for a Christian counseling agency in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho and is passionate about helping the lost and the hurting reconnect and heal.

Speaking Topics

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Trauma and the Brain

Learn how the brain was designed to work, how trauma impacts the function of the brain, and how the mind can override the brain's trauma response to heal.  When you understand why the brain is responding the way it is, there's no longer shame, condemnation, or guilt for trauma responses. Instead, it opens the door for intentional healing in a way that partners with the body rather than condemns it.

Connection that Bypasses the Trauma Response

When the people in our life have unreasonable and extreme responses to seemingly small circumstances or crisis it can be confusing. How do we maintain relationship in a way that gives room for the individual we care about to heal, without compromising our boundaries? Learn to recognize a trauma response and address it with love and grace without compromising truth. Learn to recognize the difference between a fearful person and a crazy person. Learn your limits in coming alongside the hurting and know when to refer to someone with more experience and training.

God's Plan for Trauma

When we experience trauma, it can feel as if God was absent, that he let the traumatic experience happen, or even that he orchestrated the event as some kind of punishment. How do we come to Him when this is our perspective? How do we trust a God who is all-powerful but let this horrible event occur? Knowing the truth about God’s heart for the traumatized, as well as His divine plan, is critical for the healing process. Without compromising the reality of suffering, learn about God’s reaction to trauma and His trustworthiness in the midst of it.

The Wounded Healer

The call to help those in a state of trauma is one few people can answer. Those who do often lack the tools for self-care. Too often their needs are sacrificed for the sake of helping others, and not only do they suffer but their loved ones suffer as well. To help the hurting most effectively, the helper must know their own limitations, strengths, and establish healthy boundaries. Knowing when and how to say no as well as how to walk through the hard times when you think you have nothing left are key to being most effective. 

...And More

Is there something related to trauma healing you'd like to know but don't see on this list? Reach out. This is not an exhaustive list of speaking topics. I speak at a variety of events with groups as small as ten and as large as 10,000. I'd love to connect with you.